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Welcome to Hillside

Hillside is Northeastern Pennsylvania's premier destination for holistic, substance abuse detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation. Our addiction treatment center is a secluded, state-of-the-art sixteen acre campus overlooking the beautiful Pocono Mountains. We work closely with our clients and their families to develop inclusive, personalized plans to promote sobriety and healthy living through our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Facility Highlights

  • Conveniently located 80 miles west of New York City and 100 miles north of Philadelphia
  • Transportation available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Admissions accepted 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • 20 bed detoxification program for adults and adolescents 14 years of age and older
  • 40 bed short-term and long-term residential program
  • Specialty programs for co-occurring addiction and behavioral issues
  • Private insurance plans and self-pay clients accepted

Drug Detoxification Programs

Hillside’s drug detox center in Eastern Pennsylvania allows adult and adolescent clients to safely break their physical dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. Under the supervision of a team of medical professionals, clients will receive the best of care as they complete this vital first stage of drug and alcohol recovery. Detox programs are adjusted to account for an individual’s overall health, history of drug use, and personal preferences.

Residential Drug Treatment Programs

Residential, or inpatient, drug treatment prepares clients for a healthy, fulfilling life without relying on drugs and alcohol. Residential drug treatment provides individuals with group counseling, individual counseling, life skills workshops, and educational classes on understanding addiction. Individuals usually begin a residential program immediately following completion of a drug detox program. After the detox program breaks a person’s physical dependence on drugs and alcohol, residential drug treatment programs can more successfully address a person’s habitual and psychological dependence on harmful substances.

Additional Addiction Treatment Services

In order to address the complex causes and triggers of addictive behavior, treatment of individuals enrolled in a residential drug program will also include treatment for co-occurring issues as well as family programming. Health issues outside of an addiction, such as eating disorders, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and more, may complicate or even fuel an individual’s drug addiction. These issues need to be addressed to form a comprehensive recovery plan.

Involving family in addiction recovery is also important to create a healthier home environment for clients to return to. A family is a system, and each member is affected by a relative’s addiction. Conversely, they will also be affected by the individual’s recovery. Family programs give families the chance to address issues that a loved one’s addiction may have caused so everyone can benefit from a more cohesive family dynamic.

For more information about our addiction treatment center in Eastern Pennsylvania, contact Hillside today.